Kawaii Pillow By Caramelaw – Kawaii Interior

Me wantz this cute pillow! I absolutely adore all things by kawaii designer Caramelaw. Check out more of Caramelaw's cute designs here.
Kawaii Pillow Kawaii Interior Blog

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12 Responses to Kawaii Pillow By Caramelaw – Kawaii Interior

  1. This is almost the definition of Kawaii XD

  2. Love this! It would definitely add some interest to a bed or couch ;)

  3. Froggie

    I love the Pillow the decorations are so cute! I want a pillow like that

  4. Wow, I really liked the graphic design, very similar with tokidoki…cute!

  5. So cute and unique!!

  6. OMG! O.O! I need this pillow set if it's the last thing I do!!!!! Gaw! Some people are so talent, it makes me want to puke rainbow sprinkles!

  7. poppydolly091

    This pillow rocks!!!! I love it- first saw this artist in Charuca's book I LUV Kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lovely pillow, can never have too many!

  9. Hi Wade! Brilliant news our first blog from someone on their hoyadils! Glad your having a good time, I am very jealous! Glad your missing us all in school and now with the blog you can do work whilst on your hoyadils!!!!!! Keep us all posted how your hoyadils are going!

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