Kawaii Shoes By PonyChops

OMG! I just died by cute poisoning when I found these hand painted kawaii shoes made by PonyChops.

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Kawaii Pumps Shoes With Octo Blog

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15 Responses to Kawaii Shoes By PonyChops

  1. Do want!! All of them, squee! :3

  2. Aw! And on primark shoes, lovely! :>

  3. Omg, I am in love with the first pair♥!

  4. These are fantastic! Ive always loved this idea :D

  5. If I could walk in heels I would buy the purple octopus ones. So cute.

  6. Such a cute idea, I want some!

  7. I would totally go for the octopus pumps. I like all of the quirky shoes though~

  8. I just discovered her the other day too! Expensive, but worth it. I'll be buying them one day!

  9. Thanks so much for featuring my shoes! You have such a cute blog here! I'm going to have to stop by here more often!
    xx PC

    • Great, you are so welcome!


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  10. lieann

    these shoes are so kawaii an cool … love the bottom high heel ones with the pink octuus, so cute. i love hawaii kawaii. i luff :()>

  11. lieann

    me dead for it

  12. lieann

    remines me of junko mizuno

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