Laser Cut Jewelry By Funky Bling

These laser cute jewelry pieces are definitely out of the ordinary. Love all the bright colors! They are made by the small London designer brand Funky Bling.

Laser Cut Bracelet Kawaii Jewelry Shop Blogging


Laser Cut Bracelets Kawaii Jewelry Shop Blogging 2



Laser Cut Knuckleduster Double Ring Kawaii Jewelry Shop BloggingLaser Cut Bracelets Kawaii Jewelry Shop Blogging

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7 Responses to Laser Cut Jewelry By Funky Bling

  1. mashedpotato

    that's really cute jewelries!!
    Thank for sharing it :0
    So, I will share my jewelries!

  2. I love the rebel ring! Really nice stuff :)

  3. So cool, lovely colors:)!
    Hope you have a great day♥!
    Ps. I have a giveaway on my blog:

  4. Such awesome looking jewelry! I guess laser cut is really popular these days o.o

    ~ Kieli ~

  5. Whoa, those are super cute! I love the rebel ring.

  6. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing or else I may not have found their site :)

  7. Oooh I like it. So many sparkles

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