Let's Be Friends!

As many of you know I am active in a number of other platforms and forums and I know many of you are to. I believe in helping each other along with business and with spreading the kawaii message across the world. So, lets be friends, team up. Here is a list on all the places where I am active and if you want to be my friend, add me, let me know you did so, and I will add or follow you right back. That way we can help each other with retweets and stumbles etc.

Instagram as hawaiikawaii

Lets Be Kawaii Friends Kawaii Blogging

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17 Responses to Let's Be Friends!

  1. Following on Pinterest, my username is littlebearries

    • You are not showing up as following, don't know why? And then I tried to search for your user name and found nothing there either. Strange.

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  2. Already following you on facebook and twitter :D and I just got a Pinterest account so I added you there too!

  3. I am following you on twitter (as @skullbunny) and Instagram (as @voodoobunny) :)

  4. Kawaii LeCuirot

    I follow You on facebook,Twitter (kawaiilecuirot) your entry's make me smile :3 need to find you on istagram

  5. I follow you on most of those xD

    Twitter – @kieliheart
    Facebook – Kieli Heart and I have my fan page for Rainbow Star Candy
    Pinterest – Kieli Heart
    Instagram – Kieli Heart


    ~ Kieli ~

  6. Following you now @ Pinterest, facebook & twitter joined already ;)

  7. Facebook: StarRise Roulette
    Pinterest: Ichigo Mitsuki
    Blog: http://starrise-roulette.blogspot.com/

    <3 Ichigo

  8. Froggie

    What are you guys talking about ??????

    I don't have any of this stuff It is bad to have!!!!!

    I like the sign though BEST FRIENDS

  9. I'm following you on twitter and instagram. I'm @taylalatbh. I've also liked your facebook but I don't have one for you to like back ^_^

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