Lipgloss In Owl Containers

Arn't these the sweetest? Owl lip gloss with fragrance of mint, chocolate caramel, chocolate mint and strawberry. What, no owl fragrance?
Lip Gloss In Owl Containers Kawaii Make Up

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5 Responses to Lipgloss In Owl Containers

  1. How cute =)! It's almost my birthday so this goes on my wishlist ^^!

  2. Kashmir

    My friend just brought me one of these for my birthday :3 Vanilla, mmmm <3

    • Hi Niloo,I'm not Marlena but I figured I could throw in my 2 cents anoyhw. I used to put foundation on my eyelids but then discovered how much creasing it caused even when I used my primer; it was just too much stuff on my lids. Now my routine is exactly as Amanda mentioned in her response to you. Here is Marlena's winter foundation routine where she demonstrates she does primer then foundation. . Here is another . The purpose of foundation primer is to smooth out any imperfections and (at least for me) it gives a nice smooth canvas to work with. So this always goes under your foundation. The purpose of eye primer is to give your shadows something to adhere to, to make the color more vibrant, and prevent creasing. If the reason why you use foundation on your lids is to neutralize any discoloration, perhaps you may wish to try Urban Decay's Eden Eye Primer . You can always ask a Sephora representative to make you a small sample of this primer so you can see if it works for you. Good luck!

  3. sockowl

    You can buy these at some of the Bed Bath and Beyond stores, they're by Kikkerland, I think

  4. Lele

    HI, do you know where I can buy these containers empty withouth having to purchase 10,000 of them?

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