Lolita Fashion By Vitae Clothing

I want to let you know about a small Lolita shop called Vitae Clothing they make and sell Japanese inspired nerdy and cute clothes. Check out the shop here or follow them on Facebook here. Thank you to Steph for submitting!
Vitae Lolita Fashion Clothes Kawaii Blog

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8 Responses to Lolita Fashion By Vitae Clothing

  1. Ah Thank you so so much!
    That's me in the middle too with the blended purple hair!

  2. mirtha amigurumis

    so cute :) are beautiful!! I invite you to visite my amigurumi´s blog

  3. They really look so cute :)!

  4. Those clothes look very cute and beautiful:)!
    If you want, you can check out Finnish lolita shop called Cloudberry Lady here: Cloudberrylady

    • Thank you for the tip, however when I tried to visit Cloudberry Lady my computer told me that they where sending out malware (virus) so I removed the the link in your comment. I am sure they are not doing it intendedly and I hope they will get it fixed soon but I can not take the risk to visit the shop as it is at the moment.

  5. I wish i could pull this off!

  6. Wah cakep ya tulisannya gan, jadi pingin naik haji segera neh terima
    kasih postingannya sangat informatif, manfaat sekali gan terima kasih, bagus banget , bagus gan, boleh dong
    saya kirimgan, mau saya kirimgan , boleh ya saya kirim untuk kolega saya.
    Buruan jadwal sekarang juga biar tahun depan bisa naik haji

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