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Bags, bags, bags! I love the playfulness of these cute bags. I think I want one of the red heart shaped bags for spring. You can find these and many more bags here! UPDATE: The company where I found these bags have a reputation of sending out bad products. So I removed the original link. Thanks to the reader AmanoUsagi I can provide you with two other shops (that hopefully can be trusted) that have the same or similar bags here and here. Also thanks to Eleanore for alerting me on this issue. ♥

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11 Responses to Lolita Style Bags – Kawaii Bags

  1. Eleanore

    Just a suggestion, Milanoo is a really bad company, they ripped off people several times by using stolen pictures and sending dresses made of bad quality. So I would not recommend them.

  2. AmanoUsagi

    Be very cautious with Milanoo. They are not a trusted company. Instead of Milanoo try these……

  3. Thanks to both of you for telling me about this. I made a quick Google search to learn more and found, like you pointed out, that they have loads of unhappy customers. I removed the link in the post and updated with the two shops you suggested. ♥

  4. Those are so cute! I make most of my lolita outfits and accessories, but I can't make bags like this yet so been looking for one or two.

  5. Aja

    I like the teapot one! *runs off to construct her own bag*

  6. Samantha

    Those bags are so cute! Onetime i had a bag just like that. But then i had to throw it away :( I was so sad. And the garbage man came by and i saw it get dumped booooooohoooo

  7. It's a good thing people spoke up about it! But I've heard good things about Clobba and I have ordered from Bodyline. That's where I got this amazing coat :3

    ~ Kieli ~

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