Milky Way Clips From Electric Alice

I have come to understand that these star clips are very popular in the kawaii/lolita/fairy kei community. I personally find them super cute and would gladly wear the light pink and the gold one, what do you think?  These particular ones are from Electric Alice.

Milky Way Brooches Kawaii Blog

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4 Responses to Milky Way Clips From Electric Alice

  1. Oh I love these! I actually have the light pink one in the middle X3 it's my favorite piece! Then again, anything with stars is awesome! I'm especially happy since I got into the Loli style as I have always loved stars. :)

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. The light pink one is my fav too!!

  3. I wouldn't mind buying them if they weren't so expensive, but I know I'll end up getting them anyway XD

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