My Little Pony Necklaces

I have featured Onch's jewelry twice before, the banana necklaces and his plush necklace. Now he has teamed up with Hasbro, the My Little Pony company, making a small series of MLP necklaces.
Onch MLP My Little Pony Necklace Gold Diamond BlogOnch MLP My Little Pony Necklace Silver Diamond Blog

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11 Responses to My Little Pony Necklaces

  1. Neenaa

    Those are coool
    You should check out this website for My Little Pony too

  2. Wow, these are cute and cool. Love their metallic finish >_<

  3. Lisa

    I am not a pony fan at all, but these are so cute!

  4. rebecca

    These are adorable!!! >.<

  5. aww..not a fan of ponies but heeey i'm thinking if i should get this stuff too! love the pink hair pony! <3

  6. Ainsley:3

    I am a total brony. These i want soooo bad.

  7. Koi

    I'm a brony as well! I love the Fluttershy one!! ♥

  8. Can you give me one for free?

  9. Leah Clevett

    Looks like Fluttershy :) it's cute I want one.

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