New Kawaii Corsets From Kawaii Parlor

Some new corset creations from our most recent sponsor Kawaii Parlor. Adorable!
My Little Pony Corset Kawaii Underware
Dia de Los Muertos Skull Corset Kawaii UnderwareCorset Red With Cake Print Kawaii UnderwarePink Corset Kawaii Underware

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6 Responses to New Kawaii Corsets From Kawaii Parlor

  1. Koi

    They're all cute, but my favorite is the third. I've always liked red :D

  2. shelby

    how do i get a my little pony one?

  3. lindsay

    how much is the my little pony one?

  4. Margaret

    I really wish to buy some corsets the my little pony one,the red.and the sceloton one pls how much are they pls?

  5. Katito

    how much is the my little pony one?

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