Photo Studio Giveaway With Modahaus

I am really exited about this giveaway for the first time what will be given away is 6 portable smartphone photo steady stands from Modahaus worth over $285. So there will be 6 lucky winners this time. The Modahaus products helps to take professional looking pictures using just your smartphone. Many of you readers are shop and blog owners who need to take photographs so what could be more fitting than this? The best thing is that it works with all smartphones like iPhones and Android and also with regular cameras. I have personally had some serious trouble taking crisp photos of things I wanted to show of here in the blog and I am very happy having gotten the opportunity to try out these products myself. Here are some of the Modahaus products.

Modahaus Smartphone Photo Studio Kawaii Blog 2

Modahaus Smartphone Photo Studio Kawaii Blog

These are some photos I have taken (of random things lying around my house) with the help of the Modahaus photo studio products. Keep in mind that I have no experience in photography and all the photos are taken with only my iPhone! To edit the photos I have used a $1 iPhone app (Luminance) and no Photoshop at all!
Momiji Doll In Modahaus Photo Studio Kawaii BlogPink Bracelet In Modahaus Photo Studio Kawaii BlogJetoy Cat Notebook  In Modahaus Photo Studio Kawaii Blog 4

Bracelets In Modahaus Photo Studio Kawaii Blog 34Rilakkuma Post Its In Modahaus Photo Studio Kawaii BlogJetoy Cat Notebook  In Modahaus Photo Studio Kawaii Blog 2

To enter the giveaway just make a comment on this blog post!

For additional entries = more chances to win:

1) Become a fan of the Modahaus Facebook page (1 extra entry)
2) Follow @Modahaus on Twitter (1 extra entry)
3) Tweet about this giveaway and @Modahaus (1 extra entry)
4) Become a follower of Modahaus YouTube channel (1 extra entry)
5) Write a blog post about this giveaway + Modahaus Shop (so 1 link to this blog post + 1 link to Modahaus) (1 extra entry)

Important: Make a new comment for each one of your entries. The giveaway ends Tuesday April 24th. Good luck to y'all awesome kawaii people!

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  1. This is such nice giveaway! OMG, I want, I want!!!

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  5. Indeed, this sounds quite awesome :3

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  7. Awesome giveaway :0 I could really use that!

  8. Oh my! This is awesome! Count me in, please~

    Done following Modahaus on Twitter!~ :)

  9. OMG I am so excited for this!!
    I always look at their website through the advert on your blog
    Ive been considering something like this for some time :D
    so you can count me in (

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    Sami 'Spoon' Thornton

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  13. Neat product, I'd love to win one :)

  14. I also tweeted this giveaway for an extra entry @lollisandroses

  15. Kim

    What an amazing prize! Want, want, WANT!!!

  16. Ella Kitty

    What a fantastic giveaway! This is such an amazing prize! <3

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  18. Oh whoa, that's pretty awesome! I would have never thought those were iphone pictures!

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    I love it! ♥

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  23. What a neat giveaway!

  24. I'm about to put some stuff on Ebay and the photo steady stands would be helpful for me. Great giveaway!

  25. Liked on facebook! :)

  26. This is a wonderful giveaway! I was searching on the web for something like this! I followed the facebook link.

  27. Also followed on twitter

  28. Maritza

    I will do all but the blog post won

  29. Koi

    I want this so badly! Your pictures look so professional….Don't have Facebook/Twitter/Blog but do have a YouTube :P Will follow on YouTube soon, though.

  30. Maritza

    I would do all of the options right now, but I'm at school and they have stupid Barracuda.

  31. What a lovely set. Hope I win!

  32. I liked the Modahaus facebook page under the name Christina Paik.

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    Those are so awesome!

  36. Teeny

    OMG! this product is brilliant! I want one soo bad !

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  40. Add me in for the giveaway, please!

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  43. LOVE this giveaway, working on making all the other entries right now! :)

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    So much love!

  45. Rebecca Keim

    hope I win :D

  46. Tiffany

    First entry for giveaway, thank you so much for all your efforts on this wonderful site~! ^-^

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  56. Valerie L

    I'm a photo major, so this would be something awesome to work with easily for phones/cameras! Most def want! :)

  57. Valerie L

    Just liked the Modahaus Facebook page!

  58. My husband has been an amateur photographer forever. I'm sure he'd love this for his collection.

    Thanks for making this open to Canadians.

  59. I like Modahaus on FB (JourneysofTheZoo).

  60. Twittered about the contest + @modahaus

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  64. Those are some super cute products! Great Giveaway ^^!

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  68. Lillea

    This would be great for cataloguing things for home insurance!

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    Wow! This is awesome – I would love this!

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    Fantastic giveaway – can't complete last request – do not have my own blogsite. For the opportunity alone Thanks.

    eva urban

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    I love those notebooks! Great giveaway :)

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    awesome giveaway and post :) x

  86. I could really use this. I spend hours setting up lighting and using photoshop. This would shave hours off of the process.

  87. Melissa Avey

    Great blog and nice contest!!!

  88. Sammi

    so adorable – I may faint!

  89. I'd love to win! Thanks!

  90. Lisa

    Wow! I can't believe you got such an amazing giveaway! Choooose meeee! haha

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  121. This is such an amazing concept! I couldn't help myself, I had to enter! :)

  122. Ah, awesome idea! Would love to try this!

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  127. OMG! Smultron, this is such an amazing giveaway! I never win any of these blog giveaways, but this one is a must for me! I could use this soooo bad!! Want Want Want!!

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  135. Sarah

    I need this in my LIFE!!

    Squince2 AT gmail DOT com

  136. I have a little online shop which sell bag and many accecories, sometimes I'm getting confuse when taking the pictures in case I don't have any photograph experience. so I want it once! really really want it! it will be help me to solve my problem. thankyou :)

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    Sooooo need this set! Would make my products look amazingggggg

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  150. omg I really need one of those!

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    Your photos are great!

  157. jacqueline

    i would use these several times a week! the photos are awesome!

  158. Sandy

    I could have so much fun with this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  159. I have a ton of antique buttons that I would like catalog. This would be so helpful!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  160. I like Modahaus on FB as Susan Chester.

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  167. This would be great! Also became a fan on their Facebook :D

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    Wow, love this! A real must-have I think :D

  169. joseph gersch jr

    cool photos that you can take with this

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    Most of my photos are with my iPhone these days, this would be great for my blog photos :)

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    Thank you for the opportunity and happy earth day :)

  175. Claire

    This would really help with photographing the jewelry I make. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    nice giveaway…i would love to win this

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    my 7 year old does toy reviews on you tube this would be so great for him!

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  191. Very nice prize – and how clever.

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    Great prize!! Good luck to all!

  217. what cute products! *squeee* Just subscribed to the You Tube

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