Pink Bracelet Cuffs With Black Bow From Nox Hyde

My new favorite bracelet cuffs from Nox Hyde. They make nekomimi cat ears, bracelet cuffs and loads of other goth, cute, punk inspired jewelry and accessories with an amazing quality.  The last two pictures I took with the help of Modahaus smartphone photo studio which is an easy and cheap way to get great product photographs. I can really recommend it if you need to take good product pictures.

Hawaii Kawaii Nox Hyde Bracelet Kawaii Jewelry Blog

Bracelets In Modahaus Photo Studio Kawaii Blog 34
Pink Bracelet In Modahaus Photo Studio Kawaii Blog

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7 Responses to Pink Bracelet Cuffs With Black Bow From Nox Hyde

  1. Ah how lovely! Loving the pink bob by the way :)

    Your blog is fast becoming my boyfriend's go to place to get me my birthday/xmas/v-day gifts hehe.


  2. Can I mention, I *love* the hair?! And of course the bracelets. lol <3

  3. Waah, your hair looks so cute!!

  4. Very awesome photos! ♥ That color suits you :D

    And this shop is so cool! Thanks for sharing ^-^

    ~ Kieli ~

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