Pink Ponytail – Tutorial

Do you want a pink ponytail like Lauren Conrad? I do! Go to The Beauty Department and check out their tutorial.
Pink Ponytail Tutorial Lauren Conrad Kawaii Blog

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9 Responses to Pink Ponytail – Tutorial

  1. Awesome, thanks for sharing :D

  2. Yes, it is so cool! Thank you:)!

  3. Cool! I want it so badly, but i can't do it in pink because of my work :(

  4. My ponytail is already completely pink :) but this is still so cute!

  5. Ooh, lovely! Thanks :)

  6. Oh so pretty! Totally trying this! Thanks so much for posting this ♥

    ~ Kieli ~

  7. Love it! Must be something in the air today, I put my hair up in large rolrels at 5:30am just to change it up a little! The braids bring out your highlights, nice job!!

  8. Michu .., Salu paw fedtcis Sweds meetbake?

    Fabuloso! ^.^

  9. Wow! Pink Ponytail!!! Really loved this one very much!
    Going to make it happen :-D

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