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Aaaaaa, I want these so bad! These Pixel glasses are made by a frensh design brand called Dzmitry Samal. Sorry to say they are quite prizey though 350 euro… but they are sooooo nice!
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8 Responses to Pixel Sunglasses – Nerd Fashion

  1. Wow, yes I want them too. I mean i don't need glasses but who cares! They look so cool

  2. Honeybuunch ~

    I have sent you a mail now, check your mailbox! :D

  3. This is so cool :D!
    I wish that there where sold here and that i had some more money :P.

  4. those are expensive but there are alternative like this for 12 $ :

    and many more on taobao et probably etsy

  5. I bought pixel sunglasses from ebay last summer.. and those cost only like 3$.. :D

  6. In my house when I take bored, after that I simply ON my laptop and open YouTube site to watch the YouTube video clips.

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