Polka Dot Blouse – Spring News

This polka dot blouse is adorable. I don't know which color I would want the most they are all so pretty.
Polka Dot Blouse Kawaii Clothes Fashion Blog 2
Polka Dot Blouse Kawaii Clothes Fashion Blog 3

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13 Responses to Polka Dot Blouse – Spring News

  1. The peach would be perfect for summer! ^^,

  2. I *love* the pink, but the black on white could go with so many things too!

  3. Cuuuute!! I like both colors XD and the skirt so matching!

  4. Aja

    I like the mint green shoes actually XD! I like the peach one and the black one, hmmm

  5. Lisa

    I love it, but not for $60. $25 max. It's polyester, the cheapest fabric known to man!

  6. I'm not sure which colour I'd like the most, but the peach colour is just lovely. Very summery!

  7. T.T

    I was looking for a white shirt with red polka dots. As soon as I found it on ebay, someone came up and snatched it out of my pretty little palms ; 3 ;

  8. Shariffah

    can email me about ur detail??am from malaysia.really intrested with ur product..so cute..i want but.this my email shariffah_h@yahoo.com

  9. I like the peach colored one the most! But seems a little harder to match with things.

  10. thanks admin sharing a great topic keep it up dear and sharing a more amazing topic

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