Pusheen T-Shirts From Hey Chickadee

Ha ha ha, I looove the hamburger tee. You can get these and more Pusheen t-shirts at Hey Chickadee.
Pusheen Tshirts Kawaii Tshirt Blog

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10 Responses to Pusheen T-Shirts From Hey Chickadee

  1. How cute! I love this cat, I see it everywhere …

  2. I want one of those cute shirts! :3

    Var gärna med och tävla i min årliga tävling "Pitchi Awards"!
    Kategorierna i år är:
    Årets Kawaii, Årets Bloggdesign, Årets Outfit, Årets Purikura, Årets Läsare, Årets Sminkning, Årets Frisyr/Hår, Årets Shopping, Årets Coslay, Årets DIY~
    Det finns helt enkelt en kategori för alla! Läs mer om tävlingen här på min blogg:
    Om du vill vara med, tack på förhand! (. ⌒ ∀ ⌒ ) ♪

    • Tom

      I love the website and the shtris look great. My only complaint is I am a large dude to be exact a 3xl or ever 4xl depending on the shirt kinda dude. You guys should make 1 size bigger hell I would be willing to pay a few dollars extra. I know there is others like me.

    • Wow how cool is this! I'm in amsterdam rerllaguy but don't seem to be that good in finding cute shops Do you also remember in which streets the chinese shope are? I'm sooo going there next time!! :D

  4. Pusheen is the most famous Internet cat… even more famous than Lil bub or Grumpy Cat. She has classic charm ^.~

  5. I have the one with the pizza! I love it. ^-^

  6. Pink Cupcake

    OMG:) Those shirts are adorbes !!! I love Pusheen Cat!!

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