Railkkuma For The Home

I just found this place with loads of cute Rilakkuma stuff to use in your everyday life. Here is a small selection from the shop, a Rilakkuma calculator, a Rilakkuma fondue set, a Rilakkuma air freshener and a Rilakkuma soap pump. 
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7 Responses to Railkkuma For The Home

  1. Ooh, that fondue maker!! To combine chocolate and rilakkuma is just amazing *o* Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ahh, everything is so cute. I want it all!

  3. Aww!!!*_* it so cool!! I want it all!!

    • WOW!!!!!!!! Hawaaii was my dream destination to have a visit. I was hanivg an offer to go there for a week but for some other reason I have to drop out the plan. I am not sure when I am gonna get the chance again. I am really very crazy to go there for a while to have fun and excitement for a whole week.

    • Hi Rena, what a fabulous card and so cleevr. I love your thinking behind this so very original. Beautiful warm summer colours and beautifully crafted. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Get Creative and good luck.Marie

    • You're welcome! I'm glad I was able to pass it on to sonmeoe else! I guess we're even now since your blog was what got me into Haruka Nakamura and now The xx :)Oh haha, silly me… thought to do that on pixiv to find fanart but didn't think to do it on Google :P

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