Rainbow Food!!!

Ha ha ha…. really over the top rainbow food. The burger looks insane!
Rainbow Ice Cream Kawaii Dessert Blog
Rainbow Burger Kawaii Dessert Blog

Rainbow Pasta Kawaii Dessert BlogRainbow Pancakes Kawaii Dessert Blog
(All pics © HenryHargreaves)

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12 Responses to Rainbow Food!!!

  1. LOL! wow, I want to try those ice cream! They looked very yummy to me for some reason.. O_o

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  2. Taylor

    whoa… i can't decide if that's cool or gross!!

  3. Ghia

    The ice cream looks especially awesome. :)

  4. kiki

    ice cream *ç*

  5. Georgette

    pancakes look good ^_^ the burger not so much…

  6. Wow! Can you really eat it?! I love it!! I want to trieeeeee!! >_<

  7. Ho my God, it looks amazing! :-)

  8. The icecream is my favourite =)! The burger look strange because it haves blue and jellow meat :P!

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  10. Ho my God, it looks amazing

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