Recent Instagram Pictures

Some recent pictures I have taken and published via Instagram.

Cute plushies in a shop window in Italy. They hade such a cute stare.
Kawaii Plushies Kawaii Blog

Me with hairdo done with pin curls. 
Smultron Hawaii Kawaii

Ruined myself on beauty products…
Hair Products Kawaii Blog

Painted nails in rainbow colors…
Rainbow Nails Kawaii Blog

Found this adorable cottage when biking.
Cute Cottage Kawaii Blog

Sky Hawaii Kawaii Blog

Scouted some cool cars when in Italy…
Cool Car Kawaii Blog

Recieved Tokidoki figurines in the mail…
Tokidoki Figurines Kawaii Blog

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9 Responses to Recent Instagram Pictures

  1. Lisa

    Haha no offense, but they sell those giant-eyed toys in like, every country. They sell them at grocery stores everywhere here (I live in MN USA). Actually I think it's weird that they are sold in Italy, since you're not even allowed to ship toys made out of anything but 100% wood, or sewn items, and these came right from China. Well, I guess the rules only apply to regular people, not businesses.

  2. Anne

    I have the penguin from that plush collection! And my boyfriend is crazy about it ! haha
    You look pretty with those curls :)

  3. Cutie

    Whats your instagram name? I want to follow you >.<

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  5. Odvut

    this is very bad

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