Red Jeans Shorts With Heart Pockets

I really want a pair of these red jeans shorts with the cute heart pockets
Red Heart Jeans Shorts Kawaii Clothes Blog

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8 Responses to Red Jeans Shorts With Heart Pockets

  1. Never seen this before! XD such cute pockets!
    I never use my back pockets haha

  2. Little Miss Health

    wow, this is unique! heart pockets! love love love!

  3. Sima

    I love these short they are so kawaii ^O^ it will be perfect to wear them on lovely sunny day :D clashed with your fave tee and shoes!

  4. melly

    You can buy them at Pac Sun :) I got the same exact pair last night, they're super cute!! It was $12.99 and additional 70% off so it only came down to $4 bucks ^^

  5. those are too cute! :D i cant find them anywhere, tho . x

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