Rilakkuma Chocolate Bar Iphone Case

Yummy! A Rilakkuma chocolate bar Iphone case. It can be bought here! I would go for the pink one.
Rilakkuma Chocolate Bar Iphone Case San-X Blog

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11 Responses to Rilakkuma Chocolate Bar Iphone Case

  1. it's amazing :D I want one ;D

  2. ooow, so cute!! I want it, i realy have to get a iphone instead of my BB :P

  3. Kristina

    i want!! *-*

  4. I want to eat them D: haha

  5. Your blog is soooo nice!!!!! :-)

  6. I wish they made adorable phone cases like this for Android phones too Dx Of course…this could be a good thing so I don't eat it >_>;;;

    ~ Kieli ~

  7. Cool case, but I think I would get too hungry looking at a chocolate bar every time I pulled out my phone.

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