Tarepanda Cake Topper Tutorial

I just found this super cute Tarepanda cake with a tutorial on how you make the fantastic cake topper with pandas in a pile. Happy kawaii baking!
Tarepanda Cake Topper Tutorial Kawaii San-X Kawaii Cake
Tarepanda Cake Kawaii San-X Kawaii Cake

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7 Responses to Tarepanda Cake Topper Tutorial

  1. OMG, this is SO cute! I want one for my birthday ^____^

  2. Ow, this is so cute! I'm gonna try it for the next bday!

  3. Aww they all look super shocked too hehe, like they dont know how they got into the pile haha

  4. Ahhhhh so adorable! I wish I had this for a birthday cake!

    ~ Kieli ~

  5. Someone make me this cake to celebrate my unbirthday T.T

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