Tarepanda Pillow And Pillowcase

I know, Iknow, it is painful when I post things that are only sold in Japan, but I just couldn't help myself. This Tarepanda stuff from San-X is so cute!
Tarepanda Pillow and Pillowcase Kawaii Interior

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12 Responses to Tarepanda Pillow And Pillowcase

  1. Awhhh so cute!!! Pandas are my soft spot and I love Tarepanda!!

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  2. Another cute item to love! Huggable pillow FTW!

  3. Lisa

    Hello !
    I'm French and I just discovered your blog.
    I love it!
    I often read ^ ^


  4. Super cute! Wish I could afford that. -n-

  5. hello, I love your blog ! and perhaps you will love my page on facebook I make some paint !

  6. Emma Lerjestam

    My name is Emma, i'm going senior year on a highschool in Sweden.
    I have a class when we're going to put up a imaginary company, and i'm wondering what kinds of brands and suppliers you find all these cute stuff?
    I'd be so greatfull if you could help mewith this.
    PS. LOVE the stuff you are showing!! :D <3

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