Totoro Carpet – Kawaii Interior

I luuuuve this Totoro carpet, I am sorry I couldn't find a place that sells them maybe you can help with that?
Totoro Rug Kawaii Interior Ghibli Kawaii Blog
(Pic source Stine Jensen)

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9 Responses to Totoro Carpet – Kawaii Interior

  1. Hi Smulton,
    You can find it here :
    But it is a bit expensive :-/

  2. Lisa doesn't have the rugs, but they always have a large assortment of totoro stuff! Also, $260 for a large rug is standard price, not expensive lol. Actually, that's the lower end…

  3. I absolutely love all things Totoro xD
    Wouldn't mind getting one myself!

  4. This post gives me lots of advice it is very useful for me. !!

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