Totoro Giant Sleeping Bag Bed

Wooah, a Totoro bed! I found this picture on Facebook with no source so I have no idea if you can buy them anywhere.
Totoro Giant Sleeping Bag Kawaii Blog

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30 Responses to Totoro Giant Sleeping Bag Bed

  1. Oh, wow, wow! I am so, so, so in loveeeee! Looks so cute♥!

    • Vir

      well if i won i would have to get a few little bits bescuae there are just too many to choice from.first i would pick th acrylic Russian doll necklace as a cheer up pressie for my mate who has split up from her boyfriend and is crazy about russian dolls (dont ask me why but they are quite cool).next i would get the glitter ginger bread man. i am such a bad cook and at least this way i will have some thing food related that didnt turn into a messy blob, and what girl can say no to i would spent the voucher on cherry earrings they look so cute and i love different' earring and bescuae they are not that big i will be able to wear them at work

    • I'd love to win because i love all tnighs ji ji kiki especially my vintage bronze elephant pocket watch necklace, everyone asks where i got it from which gave me a fantastic chance to introduce all my friends to the site If i won the competition there are so many tnighs i would love to own but i would buy the vintage blue rose cameo brooch for my best friend. It's her eighteenth birthday next month and i want to get her something special, i know she would be so happy with it and enjoy wearing it because she loves cameo jewellery.

    • If i win the 20 *fingers crossed* I would spend it on the TOTORO PLUSH!!!!!It would go solooooooooooo well with my room that I plan on decorating all japanese inspired!!!!so that would be so cool!!!Also I love all the other totoro cushions which would also look uber kawaii in the room, too bad they are out of stock though!!!ooohhh but the soot cushion is still available LUCKILY!!!!oh and I'd really want the chibi plush cos its solooooooooooooooooooooooo small and adorable!!!!also I would want the skull necklace, I'm sure we girls all have a little edge in us

  2. I saw some on eBay if that helps!

  3. Koi

    Cute! I don't use sleeping bags a lot, but I would buy this just for its cuteness!

  4. adis

    how to buy sleeping bags? i wanna buy it but i dont know where .. please tell me ..thank <3

  5. Bradley

    I just bought one to surprise my girl friend!!!!
    I am going to ask her to marry me… My plan is hide
    Inside the bed and when she come
    Back from work, she will find me with her favorite Totoro
    And a wedding ring…..
    Please wish me luck and hope she will say YES!!!!
    By the way, I found it from eBay!
    Totoro Giant Sleeping Bag Bed So Comfy ~!

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  9. This sounds really outstanding..

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