Chococat Tattoo – Kawaii Ink

Love this cute Chococat tattoo found in Pajamie's Pinterest feed!
Chococat Tattoo Sanrio Ink Kawaii Tattoos

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6 Responses to Chococat Tattoo – Kawaii Ink

  1. OOOOh !

    I H E A R T this tattoo….if only I wasn't so afraid of pain.
    It's adorably kawaii :>
    Keep up the good work with the site aswell!!

  2. Let the omelet cool a few mitneus and slice into bite sized pieces. You could eat these just like this (perhaps pack them into a super cute bento lunch?

  3. My prlebom was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.

  4. Que linda entrada… muahcs gracias por honrarme con la mencion =)… me encanta tu blog… eres una chica genial… y te deseo lo mejor y muchos af1os mas en este mundo de bloggeros… y ojala algfan deda nos podamos conocer… un poco me1s… y en persona…saludos y muchisimos abrazos de felicitacif3n… aunque atrasados XD =^..^=

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