Cute Porcelain From Konoko

These cute porcelain pieces from Konoko are simply adorable!
Snow White Tea Pot Kawaii Porcelain KitchenAnimal Coffee Mugs Kawaii Porcelain KitchenMatryoshka Tea Pot Kawaii Porcelain Kitchen

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9 Responses to Cute Porcelain From Konoko

  1. These are seriously too cute! I think I will need to get a lot of gifts from this place hehe

  2. Oh my! These are so cute. And I love tea, so I really want one ^^ I love the snow white the best.


  3. These would make such lovely gifts. ♥ This post has got my thinking hat on. Hehe.

  4. The kitten mug is ao adorable!

  5. Oh no, absolutely cute<3!

  6. These teapot/teacup sets are super cute! In love w/ the Snow White one.

  7. You guys make very lovely designs…It feels so great to see your product images..

  8. Awesome, the pink is so cute!!

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