Flamingo Paddle Boats – Cute Transportation

OMG, I love these flamingo boats from Florida Sea World.
Falmingo Paddle Boats Sea World Florida Kawaii Blog

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4 Responses to Flamingo Paddle Boats – Cute Transportation

  1. So cute
    I had a random thought how it would be cool to have a bath shaped like this haha

  2. Elle

    I rode on these before! They're pretty fun.

  3. Beautiful and inspiring! I just got flmagnio peppers in my CSA box in northern California and googled to find a recipe so now I'd like to print your recipe but can't seem to find instructions help! xoxo

  4. Sadly, I had to work that day and missed the Kurbisfest at the farm. Judging by your phtoos, I that I would have really dug it.I am inspired to go next year. I hope that there will be pumpkin ice-cream waiting for me.

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