My Komadori Kawaii Shop

I want to present to you our latest new sponsor, My Komadori. They are a kawaii brand that has a super cute set of characters each with their own line of products like Iphone cases, plush dolls and t-shirts. Check out their Etsy shop here and their website here.
My Komadori Kawaii Iphone Case 2
My Komadori Kawaii Plush Doll PinkMy Komadori Kawaii Iphone Case 2My Komadori Kawaii Plush DollMy Komadori Kawaii Iphone Case

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8 Responses to My Komadori Kawaii Shop

  1. Kya

    Oh my, that is so much cute. The doll with the pink hair and cupcake on its head. I need that in my life. xD

  2. MIMI

    Love! Love! Love! I love them all. Super cute!
    I want to have the pandent under the cell phone case.

  3. Liz

    Komadori is super cute! i like the pendent too, but it's not offered on etsy- where can we get the pendent?

  4. Mars

    Soo cute!! I want all of those dolls! >.<

  5. Super cute!
    I might have to buy one for my Iphone!

  6. tobi

    Adorable! I want them on my room.

  7. These are really cool, fantastic design, wanna get all of them.

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