Pink Shower Room – Kawaii Interior

Hmmm, I wonder if I could convince my husband to redo the bathroom like this?
Pink Bathroom Shower Room Tiles Kawaii Interior

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70 Responses to Pink Shower Room – Kawaii Interior

  1. The tiles are so beautiful :O

  2. Oh my this is so dreamy <3

  3. Vilken söt blogg (^.^)
    Mycket bättre än min.. ㅋㅋㅋ
    Kika gärna på den ^__^

  4. Mermaid bathroom!!! Super pretty :)

  5. Cute, I really want bathroom like this!

  6. Mine is the same but in blue! :D
    Love the pink one too.

  7. I've been wanting those tiles for my kitchen. (in white) I don't think the hubby would approve of a pink kitchen, lol.

  8. Kya

    OMG that is so awesome. Surely your husband would understand, it is a very important change. Bwahaha. :D

  9. Totally gorgeous! It looks like mother-of-pearl. On a side note I'm glad this blog is back – it's one of my favs!

  10. Love!!! This is way too cute!!!

  11. Preic såhär skulle vår dusch se ut hemma om min dotter fick bestämma :)

  12. I definitely want this ^.^

  13. 释放多余的湿热才能根除。白色和绿色颗粒的混合,让人感觉很清新。 1.酒精味重,不会令肌肤产生耐受性。 2.当然,拥有真正的细腻肌肤。在日常保养中加入具有"紧致"功效的保养品。

  14. I wish I had this bathroom.. loooks really beautiful!! :D

  15. I loved this Pick color Shower room very much! i also very fond of this! It looks very beautiful!

  16. Beautiful as never seen before..

  17. Mermaid bathroom!!! Super pretty :)

  18. Cute, I really want my bathroom like this! awesome

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  23. OMG!! Such a kawaii shower!! The ultimate shower of my dreams!!!!!

  24. In simple words, this is WOW.

  25. Fantabulous concept and design. I really liked it. Love to implement in my shower room. Thanks for sharing the great idea!

  26. very nice Thank you for post

  27. I loved this Pick color Shower room very much! i also very fond of this! It looks very beautiful!

  28. pink bathroom ohh no……….

    Justin beiber

  29. pink is my favourite colour.I think about this design

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  32. Hey Friend, Your Pinky Pinky bathroom is very nice with shower ,, i wannnaaa bath here :P :P

    Nice Click Thanks for sharing

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