Rilakkuma Coffee Mugs – Kawaii In The Kitchen

These adoranle Rilakkuma mugs are sold at San-X Japan so they might be hard to get ahold of in Europe and US. Maybe they can be found on Ebay? Anyway, I want them both :)
Rilakkuma Coffe Cup In Pink Kawaii kitchen wares
Rilakkuma Coffe Cup In Yellow Kawaii kitchen wares

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10 Responses to Rilakkuma Coffee Mugs – Kawaii In The Kitchen

  1. Kya

    They are so awesome. :D I usually love to have mugs on my desk with pens in them, the really pretty ones anyway. xD

  2. Rilakkuma & Coffee? Yes please :D

  3. The yellow mug is super-duper delightful!

  4. They are available at Modes4U with free international shipping for purchase over $78:

  5. Jen

    These are so cute! I particularly like the yellow one, although I like almost all of the Rilakkuma Hawaiian theme. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Sankar

    very nice……i love it

  7. Sankar

    where can I find it?

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