Robot Headphone Splitter – Kawaii Gadgets

I have needed a thing like this so many times… These can be bought at Konoko.
Cute Headphone Splitter Kawaii Gadgets

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40 Responses to Robot Headphone Splitter – Kawaii Gadgets

  1. These are super handy!

  2. This little guy is Wall-e level cute, not to mention great for sharing music with a friend or your partner ;D

  3. Kind of weird to use, but its so cute!

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  5. He is so cute… I want to cuddle him!

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    Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

  7. lovely headphone.sound is very good.and i like your post..

  8. Very Unique, I saw this for the very first time in my life.

  9. Wow this was very unique and super cool

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  11. Wow, this seems like a nice kit! Thank You for sharing this with us :)

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  13. Lovely gadgets, would love to have such an awesome gadget.

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