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I want this Tokidoki wrist watch so bad!
Tokidoki Wrist Watch Kawaii Accessories Blog

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4 Responses to Tokidoki Wrist Watch – Kawaii Accessories

    • fanny packs (although that one is probably one of the cosleot i've ever known, including the one that you posted about a loooong time ago that you had gotten from a yard sale & wrote 'suffragette city' on it. i know, weird that i remember that much) are not really my thing, sorry.but while we're on the subject of lesportsac, i do love the new stella collection, mostly the bunny back pack.x.jh

    • I'm so glad to see that you mentioned the TTF! I went on opnineg day and yesterday I think this year's festival is fantastic and even better than last year's. The new space gives exhibitors a lot more leeway in how they plan their booths. I think I managed to restrain myself well this year, but I still managed to pick up a few really cool toys. I'm looking forward to seeing your acquisitions!

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