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Cupcake Tattoos – Yummy Ink

I would love a cupcake tattoo. I have not found any tattoo artist in my town that is does the style of tattoo I want, I only see sailor style old school tattooers and I want a cartoonish and cute tattoo. If anyone knows of one I would love some tips… if anyone live in the area that is (Sweden, Västra Götaland). Anyway, if you had to make a tattoo what kind of tattoo would you go for?
pink frosting with cherry cupcake tattoo
(pic via MyTattooShot)
Angry cupcake with pink frosting
(pic via TattooNow)
Cupcake Foot Tattoos

Baked with Love Cupcake Tattoo
(pic via TattooCitySkinArt)
Chocolate frosting cupcake tattoo
(pic via Ink&Pistons)
Life Is Sweet Cupcakes Chest Tattoo
(pic via TheCreamyMiddles)

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