Cloudy Sky Jello Tutorial

This cloud jello just cracked me up, they look awesome and scary at the same time. I really like how the beautiful clouds look like they were in a painting. Anyway, you can get the full recipe and tutorial BChsMamaof3. UPDATE: The site where I found the jello tutorial has shut down so here is another recipe on how to make this. Good Luck!

Blue sky with clouds jelloBlue sky with clouds jello tutorialBlue sky with clouds jello tutorial

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16 Responses to Cloudy Sky Jello Tutorial

  1. Cherry

    Cute and looks very delicious! I want to do some cloudy sky jelly; D!

  2. Synthetic Alice

    wow omg, amazin idea!

  3. It looks so cute and yummy! :)

  4. wow! Awesome! good tip for the weekend :P

  5. Ari

    Cute, I'm going to make it but will not be willing to eat the whipped cream

  6. Ava

    So pretty! Those would look so awesome with different colours.Like pink sky with white clouds and purple sky jelly with white clouds. <3

  7. Very pretty! Not sure it looks tasty to me, but it really is pretty!

  8. bea

    amazing idea!! and blue jelly = win!

  9. So super cute! Can't wait to try 'em myself :)

  10. Those clouds look so real!:). It looks like a good desert for any party!

  11. Wow! That's really impressive! I'm gonna try it at the christmas party! Thank you =)

    • That is a lovely story about gnviig your dog a new lease on life for the last part of his life! Doggies in the canine cart are so cute! I love the colour scheme you used for decorating this cake.

    • I made this tonight and thuoght it was great! My picky eaters were not as excited about it though. Next time I'll have them make it and then maybe they'll like it better.Have you tried any variations? Strawberry jello with strawberries or same recipe with lime jello? I think my kids would have fun with all different color options! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Fleur

    Looks good, but I can't access the recipe…. Why's that?

  13. wow this is wonderful innovation.
    nice work.

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