Rilakkuma Blog Template – Kawaii Themes

Another kawaii blog template, this time with Rilakkuma. Kawaiiiiiiiii….

Rilakkuma Blog Template for blogger and blogspot blogs

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15 Responses to Rilakkuma Blog Template – Kawaii Themes

  1. So, so sweet! I would use this blog template–I love it!

  2. A~U Luvieta

    how to get free cute blogger layouts ??

  3. i need this url template please :-)

  4. bee

    how to get free cute blogger layouts ??

  5. How can i get this theme? help please.!

  6. reginajoycemanalo

    how can i get this theme please please

  7. nomin

    I need theme HTML PLEASE!!!

  8. Izumi

    how can I use this??

  9. Z

    so nice but i cant use it !!!!

  10. Z

    your web is so nice thanks alot …

  11. Oww *-* so cuteeeeeeeeeeee <3
    I love Rila <3

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